Application for grants open 1.-30.9.2023

Turun Kauppaopetussäätiö Foundation awards grants for doctoral and post doc research in business sciences and economics.  Financial support is available for doctoral researchers and post docs carrying out research at an educational institution in Turku.  The maximum amount for doctoral studies is 25.500 EUR and for postdoctoral research 30.000 EUR.

Grants are not awarded for covering conference expenses this autumn, but the Foundation will open the application period for travel grants in the beginning of year 2024.  

In the awarding of grants in this autumn, special emphasis is placed on research related to responsible business and management. 

A grant can be awarded only twice for the same research. 

Applications will be submitted through a digital grant service, which is open during the appliction period 1.-30.9.2023. Please find instructions on how to apply in the grant service. 

Notifications related to the grant will be sent by email to the address in the grant application. Grants to be awarded are published on the Foundation´s website.  

Apply for a grant here: Turun Kauppaopetussäätiö – Kirjaudu sisään (